The Future of St Pete Pride: Reasons for Change. Potential for Growth.

Pride Weekend, 2017

                           June 23-25, 2017

St Pete Pride

  • With 220,000 attendees in 2016, St Pete Pride is Florida’s largest Pride celebration and the most attended event in St. Petersburg.1
  • The estimated total economic impact of the event in 2016 was $22,321,700.2
  • Since its inception in 2003 as a single-day street festival, St Pete Pride has grown to a multi-day destination event that is a point of pride not only for the LGBTQ+ community, but for the Tampa Bay region at large.

Safety and Security

  • The parade would begin at Albert Whitted Park and proceed along Bayshore Drive to Vinoy Park. This route crosses fewer intersections than the current route, which makes it easier to secure and provides fewer points of potential intrusion.
  • This route allows Vinoy Park to serve as a disband area, a feature the current route does not have. The disband area provides for parade participants to disperse in a safe and orderly manner.
  • The downtown location also provides additional space for parade viewing. During peak parade attendance in 2016, there was approximately 2.5 square feet of space per attendee.3 This density is less than optimal according to FEMA guidelines which notes that at three square feet per person4 “involuntary contact” can occur and potentially dangerous situations can develop below two square feet per person.4
  • The festival would be held in Vinoy Park with additional events and vendors located in Straub Park. The parks would be fenced-in, which would allow for limited and controlled access points unlike the current street festival location. In addition, Pride would be able to remove anyone who was causing a disruption or posing a threat to the safety of attendees.

Parking and Transportation

  • There are 9,512 parking spaces available in the core downtown area,5 with a significant number of those spaces available on-street or in public garages and lots that operate 24/7.6 An additional 1,753 spaces are available in the nearby Edge District.5 This provides over 11,000 spaces for attendees and far exceeds the number available in Grand Central and Kenwood neighborhood.
  • In addition, the Downtown Looper Trolley provides transportation to the event area from many downtown parking locations.7 Pride would partner with the trolley to provide special event shuttle service, which would further assist attendees in getting to and from parking and the event.

Parade Staging

  • The downtown location would utilize Albert Whitted Park and the adjacent parking areas for staging. Floats and vehicles would line up in the parking areas and marchers would assemble in the park. Access to the area could be controlled and police and Pride staff could better monitor and inspect those who enter.

Cost and Logistic Benefits

  • Holding the festival in the downtown parks would allow for setup and teardown to occur on the weekdays preceding and following the event. Pride currently pays significant fees to its vendors to deliver and set up fencing, tents, tables, chairs, and other equipment outside of normal business hours.
  • The downtown location would allow for the festival to be set up independent of the parade and ready in advance of the event.

Destination Pride

  • St Pete Pride has become a destination event that draws attendees from around the country and world.
  • Over half of the attendees in 2016 were from outside of Pinellas County, and of those, approximately 12.1% stayed overnight. 2
  • The average length of stay for overnight visitors was 2.6 nights. 2
  • The downtown area features a number of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops within walking distance. 
  • The increase in walkable post event options enables visitors to stay longer in St. Petersburg. 
  • Holding the festival in the parks and off of the parade route would allow it to expand to two days and permit vendors to operate during the parade.

St Pete Pride Map 2017 Downtown St Petersburg FloridaClick map to download PDF version


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